snow TEAM


Tyler Chorlton

HOMETOWN: British but lived in Andorra since my teens and home shred is Grandvalira resort

OTHER SPONSORS: Vans, Apo, Slidewayz shred shop, Electric, Relentless energy, Nixon

Freeriding/FIS/TTR what´s your take?:
I take freeriding!
FIS give us back snowboarding...
TTR give us back Drew for Presient.

Who influences you in your riding?:
I took influences from various riders as i was “learning to be a pro“ but now i see influence more in the form of riders that can make the most of any situation

Who´s got the best method in the game?
Terje and Beckna.

How does a perfect day on the hill look like for you?
Just shredding with a few cats that are in the same stupid mindframe as me... maybe some pow wouldn’t go a miss either...

Where do you see snowboarding in 10 years?
The way i see it the contest riders will be doing tripple double corks and the backcoutry riders will still be doing methods

Do you have a blog/homepage/facebooksite etc?
Facebook,, coming soon