Tackle life Off the Wall with Vans Action Sports

If you’re an athlete that does it all, you need gear that can keep up with every trick up your sleeve. With the right action sports footwear, you can tackle anything and everything life has in store. Whether you’re lacing up at your local skate shop or breaking fresh powder on the slopes, Vans is the original action sports brand that’s built for you.

From BMX experts to skateboarding icons, our athletes are ready for anything — and with the right Vans footwear, you can be, too. Read on to discover the extreme sports we specialize in and the athletes that defy gravity with our gear.

The Story of Vans: Action Sports

The Story of Vans: Action Sports

Sports Spotlight: Kickin’ It Board Bulletin

Welcome to your go-to spot for sports news all day, every day. Whether you’re joining the Vans pool party or dancing at the Vans warped tour, we’d love to have you on board with us. Read on to discover the best Vans action sports news we have to offer. Live life off the wall, guaranteed.

Demand perfect with Vans Pro Skaters

The Vans skate brand is defined by three main principles: inclusion, collaboration, and showcasing everyone involved. From a covetable curb combination to a mega move with maximum impact, our skate gear offers a classic look updated for modern life. Shop a collection of shoes that are designed and built specifically for skateboarding.

Meet the team

Our gear is the top-rated in skate performance. Our professional athletes are, too. Meet the Vans Skate Team. From the legendary Tony Hawk, the most recognizable action sports figure in the world, to newcomer Breana Geering who is doing her part to keep women’s skating marching forward at a steady beat, our skate family is tight-knit and totally epic.

What’s new on the (skate)board?

Read on for the hub of action news in our sports community. Up next under the Skater Spotlight? The Skate Witches. Built to create space for a more diverse skating community to shoot photos, film, and write about skateboarding, this magazine is paving the way for modern media.

Combine attitude and aesthetic with the top skate gear out on the market. In terms of durability, our reinforced Van Doren rubber underlays extremely high-wear areas to act like an armoured plating. This exclusive new pro-skate rubber compound provides both limitless flexibility and maximum durability. Rapidweld technology provides a strong bond that’s more durable, flexible, and lighter than conventional stitching.

Shop our Vans skate gear today or find a skate shop near you.

Meet the BMX riders that defy gravity

Prepare to stand out with Vans BMX. We’ve got a style that could make your head spin. Plus, with unreal support from the team (and your gear) you can become an old school professional in seconds.

Meet the team

The Vans BMX team is packed with professionals and we’d expect nothing less. Featuring Vans veterans like Matthias Dandois and female riders like Perris Benegas, every team member brings something special to the BMX game — and are total beasts on a bike. What a way to leave the park, right?

What’s new to the bike board?

Welcome to the hub for all things BMX. We’re always out there building exclusive content for you to enjoy. Up next: team pro Larry Edgar’s YouTube series “Going The Distance” that’s taking the internet by storm.

Larry Edgar Does the Distance!

Larry Edgar Does the Distance!

It’s no secret that BMX and vert riders alike prefer the Vans shoes with tough ruggedness and impact-absorbing heel inserts. Our BMX shoes are built with a WaffleCup™ construction for unreal support, durability, and a supreme pedal feel. Shop all BMX gear today or find a shop near you.

Ride the waves with the Vans surf team

From catching waves off of Huntington Beach to chasing the sunset in beautiful Southern California, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re seeking a new cross-strap sandal for the beach or a handpainted work of art in shoe form, shop Vans Surf today.

Meet the team

When it comes to our Vans surf team, we champion cultural progression through radical experimentation. While Bella Kenworthy is roaming the globe in search of the perfect wave, Alex Knost is celebrating 6 years with Vans. With our surfers by your side, search for the endless summer all year long.

What’s new on the (surf)board?

Welcome to the hub of all things surf news. What’s new on the water? From Stoke-o-Rama to Weird Waves News, we’ve got a little something for everyone.

Dive off the wall and into the water with our gear by your side. When radical experimentation meets effortless style, you get our newest sustainably made shoes, The Circle Vee. With our gear, you’ll be ready to tackle the Vans triple crown of surfing in minutes.

Ride powder paradise with Vans snowboarding

The summer heat has us reminiscing about diving board-first into a pile of snow. Whether you’re making the most of the last of the snow or breaking fresh powder, grab the gear you need to rock the style you love with Vans today.

Meet the team

Keep the snow stoke going with our Vans professional team. Pat Moore can tackle any type of terrain with confidence, while pros like Mary Rand are original members of the Yawgoons and taking the internet by storm.

Our sno-pro peers have got some eye-catching tricks on the mind. What are you waiting for? Let’s get some air together.

What’s new on the (snow) board

The key to soaring above the clouds? Gear that’s got you covered. Browse what’s new with the official Vans snowboarding store. Keep it fresh with all of the hottest news on the mountain (and off).

While you pop the lip into the valley, stay up to date with the top news on snowboarding. Whether our team is building an all-women snowboarding film or producing dozens of Vans brand snowboarding videos (A recent favourite? Lovely Day), we never stop creating new content that’s as fresh as the powder you ride.

Listen to the Eyes

Listen to the Eyes

Go ahead, be the original. For the past 50 years, we’ve delivered the style you love, and the function you need to stand up to any adventure. From the slopes to the skate park, it’s no secret that the Vans brand embraces youth culture.

Our pros do not simply promote the action sports lifestyle — they live it all day, every day. Join the Vans family today and tackle life off the wall, guaranteed.

The Story of Vans: Action Sports

The Story of Vans: Action Sports