The Kyle Walker Pro 2: With the Right

Support, Anything Is Possible


Kyle Walker leverages support from family, friends and Vans’ skate-specific WaffleCup Tech to help create his new signature shoe.

Support can come in many forms, but for Vans Pro Skater Kyle Walker, it’s the enduring support from the skate community, and his friends and family back home in “Tornado Alley” Oklahoma, that has made the greatest impact in his young, storied career. It’s this same type of durable support that Kyle has modeled in his new signature shoe and apparel collection, releasing worldwide on July 30.

Style, function, and most importantly, “made for skaters” are the founding principles behind the Kyle Walker Pro 2 and apparel pack, designed through Kyle’s perspective to arrive at a truly fresh, clean slip-on skate shoe packed with features and paying homage to the people and places that have shaped him.


“My main inspiration was to make something that really just wasn’t the typical Vans shoe,” Kyle said. “I love the Slip-On and when I first got on Vans I only wore those, so this shoe combines features of my first shoe with a Slip-On and has more of an elegant look that a normal skate shoe wouldn’t have.”

Continuing to influence what’s possible on a skateboard, Kyle needs support first and foremost to keep progressing. For the Kyle Walker Pro 2, he specifically requested WaffleCup technology, the best combination of vulcanized flick and boardfeel in the forefoot, support in the midfoot and heel, and rugged durability. Add to that equation PopCush, the highest level of impact cushioning with better energy return, and Duracap’s extra reinforcement.

Kyle wanted a clean, fresh look in his new signature shoe, and the hero colorway —antique/white with mint green sole and interior accenting – delivers just that. That same elevated look carries over into the apparel pack, resulting in a collection that pays homage to Kyle’s roots while maintaining an understated, sophisticated tone.


The Kyle Walker Pro 2 and Kyle Walker apparel collection is now available at skate shops worldwide, online, and in Vans retail stores.