December 16, 2021



To celebrate the holiday season, Vans decided to partner with local artists to customize the windows of some of our stores.
Discover our exclusive customised windows in stores across Europe.



Suzi Kemp 
 is an illustrator and typographer based in Sheffield, England. Combining the gritty with the beautiful, her work is bold,  inspiring, and reminds us to be open minded and kind.


Alana is an Irish illustrator and designer currently based in Belfast.. She enjoys working sectors that she feels passionate about such as sustainability, female first campaigns and music - approaching her work with a focus on empowerment and general good vibes.


Sophie J Morrison is an illustrator & muralist based in Glasgow. Sophie’s work takes inspiration from everyday things like food, pattern, structure, nature & the human from. Her work focuses a lot on colour - often taking an everyday object and creating an abstract illustration using colour and manipulating form.


Laura is a Geordie lettering artist and designer currently based in Newcastle. She is inspired by all things gothic and likes to create bold artwork with a cosmic feel. She combines a mixture of digital and hand drawn elements to create her work.


Eva Malley is an illustrator and small business owner based in Brighton UK, currently studying Illustration in her final year of university. Her work often takes inspiration from the beauty of everyday life, primarily through close-knit friendships and emotions experienced when navigating early adulthood.


Eve Lloyd Knight is an illustrator based in Margate, UK. Eve’s textural and dreamy work is created with a rich narrative and design led aesthetic, which you can feel in each of her creations.


Craig Black is a Scottish Visual Artist best known for his ‘Acrylic Fusion’ technique. He specialises in bespoke artwork, murals, and installations and believes in creating exciting and engaging visuals whilst maintaining originality across all his work.


Laura Nevillis a London based artist working in a range of mediums from lino printing to hand-painting.Inspired by traditional tattoos and all thingscelestial, Lauracombines bold design and beautiful symbolism, with elegant silhouettes and delicate ceramics creating truly one-of-a-kind pieces.



Nourished by his Peruvian and New Zealand cultural roots, his style has developed around highly colorful figurative symbols, populated by mystical animals and detailed figures.


Graffiti artist and multidisciplinary, Miaoutoo is a figure of the feminine graffiti culture of the capital. It really begins in the early 2000s. His inspiration comes from the history of Graffiti and 90s hip-hop culture.


The artist Provox thus develops a universe around mythology, symbolism and Antiquity. He learns to combine the ancient, symbolism with urban art, the raw Graffiti and the effects of digital to create a harmonious and natural combination.


Born in 1990, Lemon is an artist who lives and works in Marseille.
 The process of finding his art lies somewhere between street art and the naive surrealism. It consists of giving free rein to your imagination without ever restraining it.


Keny is a passionate artist and actor of underground culture. Interested from an early age in the arts, especially those practiced in the street, he decides to devote his free time to the practice of Graffiti.


Based in Lyon since 2003, Lilitotas is a multidisciplinary artist from Honduras.
Brazilian. Uprooting is at the origin of her creativity, which she expresses through bright colors, round and soft shapes.


Ster draws his inspiration from his environment. His first source comes from the graffiti he began to practice in 2003. He is particularly sensitive to the colors which he places at the heart and at the origin of all his creations.



Dumboh, Creative do-it-all from Rotterdam known for his colourful vector-graphics and muralwork.
Great affinity with Vans due to his love for footwear and street culture.
As an avid chess player he's also very pleased with the checkerboard aesthetics of the brand.
Favourite silhouette is the SK8-HI



Sioejeng Tsao, also known as SEEYOUSIOE, is an artist of Chinese descent who was born and based in Amsterdam. Her work, consisting of paintings and digital illustrations, is a colourful exploration of different social aspects like feminism, racial justice and her own queer and bi-cultural identity.


Xaviera Altena. Her style best described as a mix of ligne claire and colorful pop art.


Jawgem is an artist from The Hague (NL) who creates colorful and bold work.



Belen Ordovas seeks to look at life from a corner where someone else has never done it before, and through her art, makes the viewer find a magical moment.


Javi Corellano comes from the skate and surf scene in Barcelona. A scene in which he has always been involved from different points of view.  Surfing and skateboarding influence his artistic work as well as his love for animals, nature and the ocean.


Delatouch is a multidisciplinar artist from Getxo, Vizcaya. Spain.
He's specialized  in graphics, branding, illustration and big canvas. Very decisive and versatile.


Filippo Fiumani is an italian designer and artist, born in 1987 in loreto, italy. his wide range of influences, mixing street art, painting, trash, digital art,  photography, video and technology  helped him to create his own unique imaginary and aesthetic.



Born in Lisbon (1983), THECAVER is a multidisciplinary artist who started his path with traditional illegal graffiti back in 1998. His work can be seen as an harmonious but complex composition of simple, colorful and bold shapes, often with an enigmatic subject and surrealistic approach.

Oker is an artist that was born in Maia, the same city where he gave the first steps into the graffiti world back in 1999. His work starts in the colorful letters of graffiti and  It goes through illustration with organic lines and animated characters combining abstract shapes and textures that give a clean look to his compositions.



Filippo Colombo (better known on the web as Stay Dirty) is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Lugano.
His works are inspired by the garage/punk scene and DIY culture and in his illustrations often appear weird characters, burning objects and broken stuff, but with a super cute pastel color palette.




SuperBlast is a Berlin based artist, with a Graffiti writing background. In his work he focuses on themes like psychological archetypes, fictional mythologies and the human conditions. With the mystic and symbolism of the past, the memory of the future, he reflects on the times we‘re living in.



Klub Galopp, is a Zurich based studio for animation, illustration and graphic design founded in 2021.
Klub Galopp are Nina Calderone and Maria Rehli.
Trough pictures they create the world as they want to see it. And this world is diverse and colorful. They do believe in the collective, in fresh ideas and the wink of an eye.


Vollgas Studio stands for Andrea Vollgas. A queer artist, feminist, illustrator and storyteller. He uses art as a tool with which he can shed light on political and personal issues. In her work, she regularly challenges what we see as the "norm" in our society and portrays stories of people and companies who have broken through the barriers of that status quo.



Max is an artist from Vienna. As a kid, he always loved looking at shop windows - especially in winter when there were lots of little exciting things to discover. This project is thus a great opportunity for him to be part of it.



Louise Rosenkrands is a graphic artist and illustrator, and graduated from the design school Kolding in 2006. She works daily from her home on Sydfyn.



Leo ”Lyxxx” Hallin is known for his bold, flow-based style that usually centers around ideas that comes with a twist and has a few levels to it. Pop colors, nature elements, fun characters and lots of fantasy are all part of his world.


Martin ”Mander” Ander is a Swedish illustrator, graphic designer and artist most known for his work in the skateboarding, music and fashion industry.



Born in 1982, he lives and works in Athens. Started doing graffiti in 1996, and became known by the name “b.” from his early street art works.
In his studio “thisismybworld”, he works in a wide spectrum of projects from architecture and illustration to design, while at the same time he travels and paints walls in cities all over the world.