This is Off The Wall
The Skate Witches
Creating space for a more diverse community to shoot photos, film, and write about skateboarding.
"It's something that'saccessible and somethingthat you can be part of."-Luisa

The Skate Witches started as way to create connection in a niche skate scene, and became something more. Tired of not seeing skaters they identified with represented in mainstream skate magazines and films, the founders decided to make their own media instead. Built entirely on submissions, The Skate Witches print zine is a platform to celebrate the often overlooked skaters, photographers, and communities around the world. Beyond the zine, the community seeks to inspire skaters globally through events and videos. Through the unique blend of skateboarding, art, humor, and the DIY ethos, The Skate Witches are creating the world they want to see.

"We're not here to say girlpower. We want to live in aworld where...that doesn'teven matter, because there'sequal opportunities andrepresentations of alldifferent people..."different people. We arepost that problem."-Kristin
"...we are post that problem."-Kristin